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This online community is for genealogists and family history researchers interested in writing their stories, either as blog posts, journal articles, short stories, legacy journals, or books. Breathe life into your research and share stories of the past with the generations of tomorrow. Join others in the journey to write and publish the stories that connect families, researchers, and others interested in the lives of those who have come before us.

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Discover how to write about

  • People – ancestor profiles, famous/infamous people, family groupings
  • Places – town, workplace, country
  • Events – conflicts (wars, battles, uprisings, riots, protests), disasters, politics
  • Your journey – techniques, methodology, memories, unique finds, personal research experiences, emotional connections

In this online community, you’ll learn how to find the stories within
your genealogy research.

Through the private group, exclusive group coaching calls/webinars, monthly lessons, and writing assignments, you’ll discover writing tips, techniques, insights, and peer review to help you produce high-quality genealogy writing. With the support of writing experts and your own peers, you’ll build your skill and confidence in your ability to write well, and you’ll have the chance to share your writing with others.


  • Online workshops
  • Writing tips, activities, and inspiration
  • Lessons with instructions, samples, and simple steps to prevent overwhelm
  • Trusted peer readers within the community to review your writing and provide useful feedback
  • Opportunity to serve as a reviewer to sharpen your own writing skills
  • Writing challenges to sharpen your skills
  • Instruction and support via resources, check lists, tips sheets, worksheets, cheat sheets, and more
  • Encouragement from GWR Guides and members to pursue your writing goals
  • Support to ensure your work is of the highest quality and accuracy
  • Inspiration to start, finish, and publish your work

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Membership is simple and open to those who are serious about learning to write well, craft compelling stories, apply accurate citation, and publish their work either in print or online. For the one-time fee plus monthly membership you get:

  • Instruction from writing experts
  • Monthly LIVE office hours with your writing instructor
  • Writing prompts, resources, and examples
  • Private group for sharing writing, resources, discussion topics, and insights
  • Resources such as journal/newsletter guidelines, writing tips, reading recommendations, courses, and conferences

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