Prefer to do it yourself?

Not everyone needs a coach. I get that. If you’re the DIY kind of authorpreneur who prefers to learn and write at your own pace, I invite you to access any of these resources that I’ve created to help you be an author, be an expert, be amazing.

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Write Books That Sell Now

If you’re a DIY author, and want to learn the ins and outs of writing, publishing, and marketing your nonfiction book to use in your business, this comprehensive online course is for you. Get started with the free 3-part video training series.

Write the Right Book: Draft a Killer Roadmap for Your Business-Building Book

Books don’t write themselves. And you can’t write yours without a roadmap to get from “Once upon a time” to “The End.” This high-content video presentation offers a proven formula to write your book from beginning to end in no time flat!

Write Your Life ebook or soft cover

Anita takes readers on a journey beyond the surface to explore the depths of who they are. Write Your Life is a journal and so much more. Anita advocates journaling with a purpose — for self-discovery, affirmation, exploration, and revelation. Use your entries in this journal as the foundation for the content of your book. After all, your book is a gift to the world that recounts your unique expertise, ideas, and experiences that no one else can claim. And it all begins with journaling.

How to Market Your Book Free

Authors spend hundreds of hours writing, editing, and publishing their books only to realize their work is not done. Marketing is one of the most neglected aspects of publishing. This book is the essential guide for authors, publishers, and publicists to market for high returns; free.

Publishing as a Marketing Strategy

Publishing a book is like presenting a very large business card to your audience: it introduces you, explains your area of expertise, and provides a channel for follow-up questions. With this book, you will have the information you need to add that very large business card to your marketing arsenal to position yourself to be known as the expert you are.

Clarity Self-Assessment

Have you started writing your nonfiction book yet? Have you finished? Are you sure you know WHY you’re even writing this book, WHO it’s for, WHAT you (and they) should get from it, and HOW you’ll measure success? If you answered No to any of these questions, you need to get clear about your book idea.

15-Plus Ways to Leverage Your Book

To make book publishing work you need to leverage that book of yours to make it work for you. But where do you begin? These strategies go beyond social media posting, and provide ideas to enhance your marketing strategies. Sometimes all you need are a few ideas to get your motor running.

Write Books That Sell Now ebook

Do you want to know the #1 way to quickly position yourself as a thought leader or expert in your industry? This guide takes you by the hand and helps you figure out what to write about, shows you how to write your book, explains how to self-publish your book, and gives you strategies to get readers to buy your book.