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9 Things Avid Nonfiction Readers Wish Independent Authors Knew

I’ll just get to the point with this post. I mean, really, you need to know these things if you plan to write a fantastic book that will serve your readers. So, here goes: Editing is important. Typos are so amateurish; they’re distracting, annoying, and they devalue the book’s content and the author’s credibility. If… Read more…

9 Truths Author Coaches Wish Their Clients Knew

The professionals and entrepreneurs I work with are smart, successful thought leaders who have something relevant to share with the marketplace. They have years of experience in their chosen business sector, and decades of knowledge and experiences to share with others. What they don’t have is the time (and for most, the inkling) to figure… Read more…

It’s All About Your WHY

Years ago I got involved with an MLM company. (Don’t judge me!) Yes, I joined in the frenzy of the latest item sold from one consumer to another in the dreaded multi-level marketing business model. My partner and I developed a small downline, explored the competitive landscape, used the products, attended the conferences, and helped… Read more…

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