5 Reasons Self-Publishing Sucks

Okay, self-publishing, in and of itself, doesn’t suck. It wouldn’t make sense for me to say that since I’m a longtime proponent of what I prefer to refer to as independent book publishing. In fact, my mission at Write Your Life is to help improve the reputation of independent book publishing with every book we… Read more…

9 Truths Author Coaches Wish Their Clients Knew

The professionals and entrepreneurs I work with are smart, successful thought leaders who have something relevant to share with the marketplace. They have years of experience in their chosen business sector, and decades of knowledge and experiences to share with others. What they don’t have is the time (and for most, the inkling) to figure… Read more…

What Do You Expect To Happen?

What gets measured gets done

Isn’t that the saying? That quote has been attributed to a number of people, and really, does it matter who said it? What really matters is that it’s true. I’m a words person. I love the way sentences are blended together in the written word. I listen attentively to the spoken word in speeches, news… Read more…

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