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9 Things Avid Nonfiction Readers Wish Independent Authors Knew

I’ll just get to the point with this post. I mean, really, you need to know these things if you plan to write a fantastic book that will serve your readers. So, here goes: Editing is important. Typos are so amateurish; they’re distracting, annoying, and they devalue the book’s content and the author’s credibility. If… Read more…

It’s All About Your WHY

Years ago I got involved with an MLM company. (Don’t judge me!) Yes, I joined in the frenzy of the latest item sold from one consumer to another in the dreaded multi-level marketing business model. My partner and I developed a small downline, explored the competitive landscape, used the products, attended the conferences, and helped… Read more…

The Dreaded Question Every First-Time Author Fears

“So when is your next book coming out?” he asked me as I handed him the signed copy of my book he had just purchased. I had just finished speaking to a group of genealogy enthusiasts, and was happily signing books for those who were inspired to tell their own stories. In the three years… Read more…

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