One of the most important things an author can bring to the writing process is confidence in the value of her story.

But sometimes it’s hard to tell if your story would really make a good book. Whether you’re thinking of sharing a story from your professional life, your personal life, or your family history, you want to be sure it would make a great book before spending weeks or months of your life writing it.

You might be one of those people who tells your story everywhere you go, and each time you do, someone tells you that you should write a book about it.

Maybe only a few people know your story because you keep it close to the vest, knowing that it would shock people if they had an inkling of what you’ve been through, overcome, and accomplished. You definitely have something to share, but could it really be a book?

Everyone has a story worth telling, but there a few must-haves for a great book.

5 Ways to Tell if Your Story Will Make a Great Book

  1. Your story must include a struggle, conflict, or obstacles you had to overcome. Frankly, no one wants to read about someone who had everything handed to her and who seems to have a perfect life from beginning to end.
  1. Your story must be one in which other people can see themselves. It doesn’t have to involve a situation readers have gone through. It just has to be something they can relate to, empathize with, or imagine experiencing.
  1. Your story must have lessons other people can apply to their own lives. Some of your life lessons are universal, and these are the insights that will change your readers’ lives for the better.
  1. You must be willing to share the details of your story. You don’t have to tell it all, but you do need to be prepared to get into some the “how” and the “why” behind what happened.
  1. You must be ready to tell your story! If you’re a reluctant author because you really haven’t gotten to a place of comfort with sharing your story, you won’t be able to write a great book about it—yet.

Your story is unique to you, and it has the power to positively impact countless readers. If you believe your story would make a great book, you owe it to them to write it.



Author, ghostwriter, and Master Author Coach Candice L Davis is the founder of Throughout her career, she has written more than a dozen books and coached scores of people to write their own. Click here to get her free cheat sheet “7 Ways to Serve and Prosper with your Story.”

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