Your Guilt Complex

I don’t consider myself the most fashionable person. I work with what I have, making sure my clothes match and are mostly up to date. I enjoy finding unique pieces at local boutiques because I’ve grown to abhor mall shopping. And although I often get compliments on my attire and style of dress, I’m sure… Read more…

4 Reasons C-Suite Execs Need to Book Their Success

Book publishing isn’t only for the starving writer, the up-and-coming entrepreneur, or the budding public speaker hoping to get noticed. After all, haven’t we all seen A-rated celebs and political wonks get published en masse, setting the airwaves and the internet abuzz with their tales of triumph, temptation, and triviality? They all get it. They… Read more…

Competition is in the Eye of the Consumer

For practically any product you think of there is a competitive product. There isn’t only one company selling hamburgers, only one computer giant, a single brand of coffee, or a single manufacturer of automobiles. Competition abounds, and it’s all good. Even the greatest books ever written have competition, not only among other books, but among… Read more…

What Do You Expect To Happen?

What gets measured gets done

Isn’t that the saying? That quote has been attributed to a number of people, and really, does it matter who said it? What really matters is that it’s true. I’m a words person. I love the way sentences are blended together in the written word. I listen attentively to the spoken word in speeches, news… Read more…

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