Anita Henderson

Writer, storyteller, The Author's Midwife. Founder of Write Your Life and The Genealogist's Writing Room.

Afraid of Self-Publishing?

Conquer your fears and you’ll be better for it. At least that’s what I believe. Sometimes stepping outside of your comfort zone can yield some fantastic results. And it’s almost never as scary as you think. If you’ve built a corporate career — particularly if you’ve earned a seat in the C-suite — you know… Read more…

Who cares? A retiring corporate exec’s dilemma

Decades of experience growing a high-performing team in corporate America has to count for something. All of the ideas, proposals, product launches, failures, and rousing successes have not only added to your resume of accomplishments, they’ve multiplied your attractor factor. You’re a rock star! Okay, let’s just say you’ve made your mark. So, how many… Read more…

Whatʼs YOUR unique story?

She had been invited to dinner at the home of a young lawyer she was recruiting to work with her in the mayor’s office. What harm could it do to enjoy a meal with the young woman and her fiancé, just to ease their minds. They had wondered if leaving behind a big paycheck in… Read more…

9 Truths Author Coaches Wish Their Clients Knew

The professionals and entrepreneurs I work with are smart, successful thought leaders who have something relevant to share with the marketplace. They have years of experience in their chosen business sector, and decades of knowledge and experiences to share with others. What they don’t have is the time (and for most, the inkling) to figure… Read more…

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