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3 Common Traps to Avoid When Choosing Your Book Topic

It was painful for me to watch as she struggled to explain her book topic. She had hired me to help her lay the groundwork for what she was sure would be a bestseller. During our one-day session, I asked her the question I ask every aspiring author: “What’s your book about?” With eyes staring… Read more…

Write Forward, Not Backward

You’re ready to sit down with your laptop for another exciting adventure of writing your book. But first, you scroll back a few pages to re-read what you wrote during your last writing session, just to make sure that what you’re about to write will flow well with the previous text. You find several misplaced… Read more…

9 Things Avid Nonfiction Readers Wish Independent Authors Knew

I’ll just get to the point with this post. I mean, really, you need to know these things if you plan to write a fantastic book that will serve your readers. So, here goes: Editing is important. Typos are so amateurish; they’re distracting, annoying, and they devalue the book’s content and the author’s credibility. If… Read more…

5 Reasons Self-Publishing Sucks

Okay, self-publishing, in and of itself, doesn’t suck. It wouldn’t make sense for me to say that since I’m a longtime proponent of what I prefer to refer to as independent book publishing. In fact, my mission at Write Your Life is to help improve the reputation of independent book publishing with every book we… Read more…

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