You know your stuff. You’re the go-to person for your special brand of awesome, but the only ones who know about you are those who know about you. On top of that, you have a phenomenal story to tell. Everyone says you should write a book, but how do you do that?

You’re stuck with where and how to begin. You don’t know who to trust to help you. You’ve heard dozens of publishing horror stories about authors paying too much and getting ripped off, or ending up with a crappy book even their mother wouldn’t buy, or struggling for years to write a marginal book that netted a less than ideal return on investment.

You need to write a book that

  • tells your unique story;
  • enhances your expertise;
  • builds your brand;
  • leads readers and prospects to work more closely with you; and
  • turns your business and your brand toward profitability.

You need to Write Your Life™! And I’m so ready to help you. Let’s get to work.


Your book is a critical step in growing your business and your brand. One book can expand into a multitude of other products, programs, presentations, and services. But you have to think bigger in order to earn bigger.

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Whatever your business, whatever your platform, whatever your brand, I can help you shape your knowledge and experience into a phenomenal book that drives your ideal readers and clients to want to work more closely with you.

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Get the latest insights, tips, and advice on writing and publishing your phenomenal book. Read and share our blog posts to become a smart, savvy, successful author.

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