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I almost didn’t write a warm, fuzzy opening to this post because I really want to jump right into it. Of course, there are many, many more than eight things to avoid when marketing your book. I’ve decided to point out these moronic moves, not because they’re the most important or the most frequently overlooked or the most practiced by authors. 



It often surprises me the concerns authors bring up to me about Amazon and the selling of their book. I’ve learned that although every writer knows the importance of their book being sold on there, they may have little knowledge of how Amazon works or “what it’s all about.” It’s completely understandable though, as Amazon has many facets, options, formulas, and mysteries!


Oh, to be the life of the party. To be the center of attention; a natural magnet for all the other lively people in any room. To be the one others swarm to for no other reason than to be in your presence. Lots of people dream of having this kind of attractor factor. For introverts, however, these descriptions sound alarmingly frightening. And for introverted authors, these depictions, while tempting, seem a stretch for their natural character bent.

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