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I'm not known as "The Author's Midwife" for nothing! If you're ready to PUSH your book out, I'm ready to help. I assist aspiring authors write their book in 90 days or less with my proven system called Write Your Life. And for those who already have a published book, I help create strategies to leverage your book and upsell your expertise.

Write Your Life is a simple yet dynamic system for building your personal and professional brand by creating your signature book -- an undeniable, defining product to position you as an expert. Professionals in business need a calling card, a defining brand, a product to demonstrate their knowledge and their expertise. A well-written book is one of the best tools to brand yourself as an expert in your field so you can gain the visibility, recognition, and opportunities to take your business and your career to a higher level and to earn more money.

Lots of people just like you say they want to write a book – either a memoir, an autobiography, or a how-to book. You want to share what you know, what you’ve been through, the lessons you’ve learned, and the wisdom and skills you’ve acquired. You’re already among the ranks of successful entrepreneurs and high-ranking corporate professionals, so imagine the wisdom, knowledge, and experience you can bring to the consciousness of so many others.

You can probably think of five people right off the top of your head who have told you numerous times, “You know so much; you really should write a book.” Yet, here you are still wishing you had that book done. Have you ever wondered what’s holding you back? As an author’s coach and mentor, I’ve heard every excuse in the book. Now, I’d like to help you get your book done.

How do you know if the Write Your Life Program is for you? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you’re ready to Write Your Life:

  • Are you a corporate professional?
  • Do you own a successful business?
  • Do you always have words of wisdom and great advice for others?
  • Do you know your industry inside-out and upside-down?
  • Have you developed unique strategies, systems, services, or products?
  • Do you want to be a sought-after presenter on the speaking circuit?
  • Do you use your life experiences to bless, teach, and uplift others?
  • Have you overcome incredible odds in your personal life or career?
  • Have you wanted to write a book for quite a while, but just haven’t gotten around to it, yet?
  • Are you ready to establish yourself as an expert by becoming a published author?

Find out more about my author coaching, and check out the variety of products in the Author Store for some great resources to help you become a published author and start leveraging your book for your success.

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