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Professional speakers know the feeling well. You know that zone you get in when you’re before an audience and everything is going exactly as you imagined it would. You’ve rehearsed, spell checked, and primped to the point of near perfection. The A/V is on point, your slides look awesome, the room is full of eager souls, and you’re doing your thing.


Here you are at the start of another year. With so many possibilities ahead of you, it’s easy to set goals and think hopefully toward their accomplishment. At this time of year, last year’s faux pas are a memory and tomorrow’s successes are within reach. Well, almost.


Experience is a great teacher. People learn by doing much better than by reading, observing, or imagining. There is no substitute for going through a process, sweating through the tough times, getting your hands dirty, and winding up with an end product or result, especially if that final product meets or exceeds your initial expectations.



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